Sunday, May 26, 2013

Texas Pride by Kindle Alexander

Now normally I’m not much of a contemporary romance girl but what can I say, I love a man that looks good in a pair of Wranglers! Oh and look a book about a man that looks fine as hell in Wranglers *dreamy sigh*……Sorry, had a moment but I’m back. I have to say that I very much enjoyed this book, it is definitely a must read book! Texas Pride has it all, love, drama, danger, tragedy, and sex! Kindle Alexander will have you begging for more as the romance between the main characters Kitt and Austin unfolds before your eyes! Alexander draws her readers in with her ability to paint a picture with a few words from her pen. I would give this book 4 stars out of 5, it would have been five but it’s not on paper, I love paper, I mean I like ebooks and I love my kindle but there is nothing like holding a book in your hands and being able to feel the paper as you turn the page! Another reason for the 4 stars is the grammar, now I know I have no right to point fingers cause ya’ll know I’m bad about misspellin’ and grammar myself but I’m not a published author with an editor so who gives a flying rat’s ass how I write?! And finally the third reason for the missing star is that I felt like the story should have been longer, there were some parts of the book that I thought could have been a little clearer but for the most part I found this to be a wonderful book. Anyways, ya’ll need to go out and buy this book so you can form your own opinion about it cause what I think and what you do, are two different things but I’m pretty sure that most of my followers will agree with me that this is a book well worth reading!!

WARNING: This book is a gay romance and contains M/M sex scenes

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