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PAGES OF GOLD: BANNED BOOKS WEEK, September 24 - October 1

PAGES OF GOLD: BANNED BOOKS WEEK, September 24 - October 1: This year marks the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week. The annual event was started in 1982 by the Director of the American Library Ass...

Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day (COMING SOON)

crimson_217I'm on the shelf about this book. I'll be honest with ya, I had to apply my "20 page/2 Chapters" rule to this book. For those of ya'll who are scratching your heads going "What the hell is that?" I'll tell ya. I have a rule that I apply to all the books I read. If I can't get into the book or it doesn't catch my interest in the very beginning then I try to give it a fighting chance by reading the first 20 pages or the first 2 Chapters, which ever takes the longest. Anyways that's what I had to do with this book. After the first couple of chapters I finally started to get into it and I have to say that it is unlike any book I have ever read before. There are angels, vampires, and Lycans but that's not what I found to be unique about this book. It is the way that Sylvia Day has written this compelling story of good vs. evil, love and hate. Now I'm ready to read the next book in the series, so bring it on Miz Day! An exceptional, passion filled book that is well worth the read especially if you love paranormal but don't take my word for it check it out yourself cause as ya'll know My Opinion Might Not Be Yours. 

Coming to shelves October 4, 2011

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Incandescent Enchantments: 50 follower giveaway!! (INTERNATIONAL)

Incandescent Enchantments: 50 follower giveaway!! (INTERNATIONAL): I have reached 50 followers! When I first began this blog, I was thinking that maybe only four people would follower, but I'm so glad I've g...

Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer: 100 Follower Giveaway

Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer: 100 Follower Giveaway: I am hosting my first ever giveaway! Once I reach 100 followers one lucky winner will receive a new copy of Amanda Quick's novel Second S...


Books-n-Kisses: AUTUMN HARVEST: FALL BETWEEN THE PAGES BLOG HOP TO...: Fall... My love hate relationship with fall... Fall means the end of Summer which to me is the end of boating season and camping while th...

Books-n-Kisses: Guest Blog & Giveaway with Virna DePaul

Books-n-Kisses: Guest Blog & Giveaway with Virna DePaul: A few weeks ago, I attended a bridal shower for a friend of mine. In the usual tradition, we played games, offered standard advice like "n...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jacob T. Marley by R. William Bennett

Everyone knows the classic tale, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. If you don’t, what rock have you been living under all these years?! A Christmas Carol for many of us is an age old tradition that we have enjoyed since we were children, a story that is brought out every year around the holidays to remind us all that we should be good people and treat others well. The tale of Ebenezer Scrooge is one we all know and love but what about his partner Marley? Have you ever wondered how he ended up in those chains? Why didn’t he have a story of redemption? Who’s idea was it for him to have that life altering visit with Scrooge? All these questions and more are answered in R. Williams Bennett’s book Jacob T. Marley. I really enjoyed this book, not as much as I did A Christmas Carol but then you can’t really beat a classic no matter how good you are. Anyways, I found this book to be a refreshing take on a classic tale. Jacob T. Marley reminds me a great deal of the book Wicked, not in the fact that they have anything in common but in the fact that they both go beyond the original. Its true there really is two sides to every story. A story for the ages this book isn’t about remorse and redemption like A Christmas Carl but a story about the power of our choices and the consequences that they have. I give it two thumbs up. My Opinion Might Not Be Yours but if you enjoy Dickens’ version you’re sure to enjoy Bennett’s.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

50 Follower Giveaway (First Giveaway)

Okay everybody! I've decided to do a Giveaway! The prize is the newest book in Kerrelyn Sparks wonderful series Love at Stake, entitled Sexiest Vampire Alive. Yay! So please be sure to sign up and tell your friends!! Winners will be picked at random!

Sexiest Vampire Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks

Finally, it’s Gregori’s turn! 

He was both a playboy and a vampire…and impossible to resist.

At the end of Vampire Mine, a terrible thing happened—a video was released that proved the existence of vampires. Now Vamps fear the worst, the Vampire Apocalypse! Will mortals start hunting vampires down and staking them in their death-sleep? At an emergency meeting, Coven Masters from around the world decide how to proceed. They need an emissary to open negotiations with the President of the United States. They want their emissary to be modern, safe, and harmless. A Vamp who has never bitten a mortal. A Vamp who has been entirely bottle-fed. Their choice—Gregori!

Now Gregori has the fate of the entire Vamp population on his shoulders. When he’s given a special assignment that involves the president’s daughter, will he succumb to his playboy ways and doom them all? 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I think just about everyone has a Facebook page. I blame my mom for getting me started....THANKS MAMA! When I first joined Facebook it was so I could play Farm Town....or at least I think that's what it was called. Anyways, eventually it became a place to hang out with friends and play games because let's face it I have nothing better to do with my time. Hahaha! (For those who didn't catch that, it was sarcasm, you know that thing that your kids use when you ask them how to do something on the internet. :D) Facebook was something to pass the time when I didn't fell like reading a book (insert Will and Grace gasp, you know the one I'm talking about) but now! Now, I can't stand Facebook! I am soooo sick of all the changes that they keep making, I thought it was fine before but every time you turn around they are making some new "improvement" to it that really isn't necessary. Improvement my great aunt Fanny! More like pain in the ass! Which is why it would seem that more and more people are signing up for GooglePLUS. I have! I'm sick of all the bullshit that Facebook puts us all through and the minute I figure out all the ins and outs of GooglePLUS than I will more than likely close out my Facebook page because then I'll have something better.....I hope! Anyways, My Opinion Might Not Be Yours, so feel free to let me know what you think about it.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I’m The Vampire, That’s Why! By Michele Bardsley

imthevampireI’ve found a new author and a new series to get lost in!! Yay me!! I just had to share this book with ya’ll! I discovered it last night while I was browsing a friend’s Shelfari shelf. The title really grabbed my attention and I couldn’t help but start reading it. It should of went to the bottom of my To Be Read pile but I just couldn’t resist cracking it open. Next thing I know a couple of hours had passed and I had finished the book! Bardsley’s characters were a laugh a minute and I can’t wait to start reading the next book in the series! The series is called Broken Heart Vampires and its as funny and goofy as the titles make it out to be. This is definitely what I consider to be a romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy please! Heart warming, funny, with a dash of sexual tension! I greatly enjoyed it and I would recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor. My Opinion Might Not Be Yours…..hell let’s be honest my sense of humor probably isn’t either! Open-mouthed smileWinking smile





The Ink Puddle: Following on Blogger

The Ink Puddle: Following on Blogger: I've had a few people confused on the concept of "following" someone on Blogger. So I thought I'd take a couple of minutes today and hopeful...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Colters’ Legacy

I love Maya Banks! Her stories are just so….HOT!!! I haven’t read everything the woman has written yet but what I have read was fantastic! I just finished reading the Colters’ Legacy Series and it was soooo good! If you’re looking for something to read that is heart warming and steamy than this is the series for you. Now CAUTION this book does feature explicit sex, graphic language, violence, and menage a quatre (for those of you that don’t know what that means, it is sex involving four people, in this case one woman and three men). Okay now that I’ve got the praise and the cautioning out of the way! *grin* Let me just say that this whole series was great and all but it kind of pissed me off and here’s why. Now I know this is fiction but damn! These women get not one, not two, but THREE great men to love, care, and provide for them. I can’t even find one halfway decent guy and the women in these books find three. Bitches! That’s right! I said it! Ya’ll read these books and come back and tell me you didn’t think the SAME thing when you were done reading them all! *sigh* Why can’t my life be one of Banks’ books!? *pout* Okay! I’m back sorry I had a moment, like we all do sometimes, but like I said Maya Banks is GREAT! Coulters’ Legacy is GREAT! And my love life sucks! *grin* So if you like heart warming, steamy, burn the sheets than I highly recommend that you get them, but don’t take my word for it. My Opinion Might Not Be Yours!! 






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Geeky Blogger's Book Blog: $10 Book of your Choice GiveAway! Trick or Treats ...

Geeky Blogger's Book Blog: $10 Book of your Choice GiveAway! Trick or Treats ...: It is almost that bewitching time of year again! Can you believe it? I am having a hard time believe October is just around the bend. How...

Friday, September 16, 2011

My New Rating System!!

imageTear Jerkers
image Not even a itchy eye
imageimageimageWatery Eyes
imageimageimageimageLeaky Eyes, Runny Nose
imageimageimageimage imageCry Like A Baby!
imageimageLittle Chuckle, Giggle
imageimageimageLOL (Laugh Out Loud)
imageimageimageimageLMAO (Laugh My Ass Off)
imageimageimageimageimageROTFLMAO In Tears!! (Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off In Tears)
imageEh, Seen Cheap Porn That Was Better!!
imageimageIs It Getting Warm In Here?!
imageimageimageHOT! HOT! HOT!
imageimageimageimageBreaking Out In A Sweat!

imageimageimageimageimageTime To Break Out The BOBs And BODs!! (BOB=Battery Operated Boyfriend and BOD=Battery Operated Device)

image Flutter
imageimage Feeling Warm and Fuzzy
imageimageimageAwwwwww! How Sweet!
imageimageimageimageSo Sweet Your Teeth Hurt!
imageimageimageimageimageSo Heart Warming It Brings A Tear To Your Eye!