Friday, September 2, 2011

Daughter of the Centaurs by K.K. Ross

Now I have to say that I don't read many YA books but this is one that I enjoyed and reminded me of books I read when I was younger. If you have a love of horses than you will love this book. A story about survial and triumphs, this book draws you in and takes you on a jounry like no other. This story may be a YA paranormal in the sense that there are fictional characters like the centars in it but it is also a story about some of life's greatest leasons. A girl who finds herself all alone except for the company of her father's horse, she learns to survive as she remembers the wisdom of her parents. Making new and interesting friends along the way, K.K. Ross has created a world that is both old and new. So if you have a YA that you think would enjoy it or if you just enjoy reading YA books yourself I think you'll find yourself as enchanted by this world as I was, but remember My Opinion Might Not Be Yours.


  1. YA books are getting better and better. I just finished one and was soooo surprised that I enjoyed it. Great review!

  2. Why thank you Dean! Hope you enjoy yourself! :)