Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Time For Us by Christine Holden

th_0515123757Once upon a time I use to love reading historical romances and every now and then I still do. I especially enjoyed the ones where a modern day woman would go back in time and knock a man off his self appointed pedestal. This is one of those rare time traveler romances where the woman comes forward in time to end up with a modern man. Maybe that was what made this book difficult to swallow, to me this book was a pretty big miss. Now don’t get me wrong, there were some parts of the book that were pretty decent and the facts were obviously well researched but it wasn’t a story that I would want to read ever again. As a matter of fact through out most my reading the book I wished I had a stiff drink!! I mean, damn!! I felt like I was being taken on an emotional roller coaster and I wanted to get the hell off! The heroine was pretty bright, I mean she would have to be to have accomplished what she did in the book but the hero…all I wanted to do was reach through this book, wrap my hands around his throat and shake his ass! One minute he is lovey dovey and the next he is losing his temper and yelling at her. Talk about blowing hot and cold. Who knows maybe its because I’m from the “modern” age but I’m not about to get into a man that let’s his mother dictate his life while he juggles me and some other chick, taking us all for a ride because he can’t grow a set!! Anyways, I read the whole book because like I said there were some parts that I found rather amusing. Would I recommend it….ummmm probably not. Would I read it again….let me think….NO! If you like historicals, time traveling or a bright heroine than this might be the book for you, if not than I don’t think you’d be very interested but like I always say My Opinion Might Not Be Yours.

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