Wednesday, October 12, 2011


starbucks-logo-currentStarbucks puts crack in their drinks!!…Okay not really or at least I don’t think they do but there is no other reason I can think of for their drinks to be so additive! I absolutely LOVE the Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino and I’ve even tried to make it at home but they never taste the same. According to my mother the coffee they have is really good too. I don’t drink coffee myself *dodges the flying coffee mugs* so I’m just going to take her word for it, but I figure they must be doing something right if people are willing to pay $4 and up for a cup of coffee! Which is also why I think they but crack in it because what grown rational adult pays that kind of money for a cup of coffee!! Something that I personally think taste like chalk water!! YUCK!! And has anyone else noticed this or is it just me, that just about every Barnes and Nobles I’ve been in *not that I’ve been in every single one* has a Starbucks in it!? My Opinion Might Not Be Yours so be sure to leave comment stating your opinion about these “drugged” drinks!


  1. 100% Agree that they put crack in their drinks! And the chocolate chip Frapp...da bomb! Java chip is good too! There is one of Starbucks drinks that I do know how to make...Chai Tea-no water! *Hint* Tazo liquid chai mixed with half and half! You can add whip cream and whatever else you want. I've saved a lot of money making my own chai! But the frapps...well I won't even try to make that one ;)

  2. OMG!! I LOVE the Chai Tea! And now I want a Frapp! There has got to be a Starbucks Anonymous! I need help if just TALKING about it has me craving it!! Thanks for the hint, I am soooo going to the store and getting my Chai Tea fixins!! :D