Monday, November 14, 2011

Just Tacos by Shelley Wiseman

000My Opinion Might Not Be Yours but tacos are one of the best foods EVER! I love me some tacos and I love this book. Now not to piss off anyone that happens to enjoy Taco Bell but if I’m going to have tacos than I want something that is made with REAL food not fillers. Plus to top off the totally awesome and authentic tacos, this book includes some easy and delicious recipes and instructions for yummy tortillas! With this Taco book you can make tacos to suit everyone, from the meat lovers in your life to the veggie lovers, there is something for everyone. Oh and guess what!? No salsa? No problemo! There are several recipes on how to make your own salsa to top your totally fantastic tacos! Recipes for tacos, tortillas, and salsa! Where can you go wrong?! If you like tacos as much as I do then I suggest you get your butt in gear, buy the book and get to cooking. Open-mouthed smile I can come to dinner any time! Winking smile 

WARNING: May cause drooling and hunger!!

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