Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Food Network Makes Me Hungry

I don't know about anybody else but watching shows on Food Network makes me hungry as hell! Which sucks because I really enjoy watching some of the shows. I love to eat and a lot of the food that these people make looks sooooo good! I wish I could climb through the T.V., my mouth waters and my stomach rumbles. It's like going to the store hungry, you just want to eat and eat and eat some more, and of course you end up buying and eating things that aren't good for you. Now I'm not a health nut....I should be but I'm not. I enjoy a little fat and sugar just as much as the next person. Which is my main problem but hey that's another rant best saved for another time. Anyways back to Food Network, it's lunch time, I haven't eaten yet and I'm watching this chick who's name I can't pronounce to save my life, make this yummy looking pasta dish. I mean this heifer has got my mouth WATERING!!! Now one thing about it I don't watch Food Network all the time because there are lots of shows that I don't much care for, for instance. Rachel Ray. Need I say more? Yes? Okay, this woman gets on my EVER LOVING NERVES!! I can't stand her! I use to enjoy watching her a lot when she first started on Food Network but now.....I just can't do it. Her voice is soooo annoying and I don't like all this delish and EVOO that she does. It's like what are you 12?! You look like your an intelligent woman, why not say the whole word? Are you talking in text to be hip for the younger people? Aghhh! Now I'm hungry and I'm annoyed! So if you're a Food Network fan or a food fan in general, I don't recommend watching it when you're hungry or haven't eaten yet because you stomach will grumble.
But don't take my word for it cause like I always say.....My Opinion Might Not Be Yours!


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